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Java application development is quite popular. It powers IT solutions of numerous enterprises all over the world. These enterprises can hardly survive without the use of Java technologies. Java is an object oriented, robust programming language, which can be used in a variety of enterprise level computing solutions. Because there are less implementation related dependencies in using Java, it is today's most flexible programming language.

It is open source that means developers need not to obtain a license to use Java technologies. Developers use it to create many types of webs and web based applications for enterprises. This is a perfect technology if developers want to build light-weight, cross platform applications.

When you use a mobile phone, PDA, computer, or printer, what makes it accessible is Java. It also powers tens of other devices. Sometimes we do not even notice that a system is running on Java programming, but it exists. Java is popular because of many benefits that applications based on it provide. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Ease of use

If you want to create small, user-friendly and universally accepted applications, the recommended programming technology is Java. Java applications abide with the concept of WORA. WORA stands for "Write Once Run Anywhere". It means a single code of the application can be executed on the all platforms with help of platform specific JVM.


Java technologies are quite popular among most of the global mobile brands, like Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Motorola. They all use Java and its variants for their platform development. It is used in more than 1.1 billion desktops and about 3 billion mobile phones. Some daily-use devices like set-top boxes, ATM machines, medical devices, lottery terminals, car navigation systems, cannot survive without Java technologies.

Multiple languages support for programming

Java can be coded using any of the supporting languages. If you are non-English speakers, Java technologies can support your native language. This feature makes Java a universally adopted mobile, desktop and web programming language.

It is also a server side technology

Java is not only a client-side technology, but it can also be used in building server-side software for forums, stores, online polls and HTML form processing. There are tons for sites that purely depend on Java.

Slow changes

The latest Java version-in-use is 7. And the previous one was released two years back. In spite of that, there are no considerable changes. Rapid changes in technology can be painful when it comes to maintain large-size enterprise solution.

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22 Jul 2015

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22 Jul 2015


Technology in modern worship services has become more common and more efficient in recent years.  There has been an increasing number of technological advances that makes this possible.  There are many areas of the worship service that have been affected by the technological advances, including the music and the sermon itself. 

Technology in the Music

Many places of worship no longer have a simple pianist.  The music was found to not reach all of the worship area, and the music was often drowned out by the voices raised in worship.  They have progressed to using loudspeakers to project recorded music equally throughout the worship space.  Some worship services do, however, still have live music. For live music, microp

hones are incorporated into the loudspeaker system for the same reason the system is used for recorded music.  Computers are quite common in worship services, as well.  Programs such as PowerPoint are used to create slide shows of the musical lyrics. Music mixing programs are used to create worship music playlists.  This creation of playlists allows the worship service officiator to play songs in a particular order, to choose songs before the service, and edit songs for length if needed.  Projectors are used to display musical lyrics either on a white screen or a wall of the worship area.  This can help reduce costs in worship services by diminishing the need of hymn or song books.  It can also be helpful to congregation members by enabling the words to be created in a larger than average font.

Technology in the Service

Technology is also used in the

sermon.  Computers are used to control the lighting.   Lighting can be set to different levels or colors using different lenses.  Computers can be used to change the lenses, or to dim or brighten the lights.  Computers can also be used in the sermon itself.  The internet can be used to research scriptures, to find religious analogies to help make points during the sermon, and to find graphic images that relate to the sermon if the service is displayed in slide show format while being preached or taught.  Using slide shows during the sermons can help the congregation understand key points, and remember them easier. 

For people who have a hard time finding chapters and verses in the Bible, or who like to read many different version

s of the Bible, there are many different applications for iPhones and other devices.  These applications help locate verses quickly, and some even allow the user to compare different Bible versions.  This can help congregation members understand the verses they read.  Now, during open session of the worship services, people who would generally not speak up with questions or responses may anonymously contribute to the service by Tweeting or FaceBook messaging the preacher, pastor, teacher, leader, elder or other clergy member officiating the service.  There are also many applications of audio scriptures readings.  These can be useful for children or illiterate adults, or people who learn better through listening rather than reading.  It is important for all worshipers of any religion to learn about their religion in order to live their life in accordance with their deity or deities. 

Rapid print press is also playing an integral part of many worship services.  For example, Jehovah's Witnesses mass produce many different Bible study books, many of which are used to study for an upcoming sermon, to review past sermons or just to take a closer look at many parts of the Scriptures. 

For elderly or disable people, there are many different options available to attend worship service without leaving the house.  There are many people who attend worship service over a telephone.  Others attend via a voice over internet provider.  Even other attend via Internet or phone with such worship alternatives such as podcasts.  Using downloads of newspaper articles or world events can be used during the service to make the need of prayer more visible, and help move people to pray for help or to offer thanks to the deity or deities that are being worshiped. 

Digital storytelling is a fairly new technological idea that is being incorporated into worship services.  This can be pictures that illustrate the sermon, or even a silent video clip that projects to give visual illustration to the sermon to help the congregation understand and remember the points of the sermon.  Sometimes a video with audio is used to simply add another voice or perspective to the sermon, breaking up what many of the newer generation views as monotony.

Another way for people to be able to better remember previous sermons, or even for a religious officiator to incorporate a previous sermon into a current one, is for the sermons to be digitally recorded, and to have a digital video recorder set up to make multiple discs of the sermon. 

Welcoming of Congregation and Visitors

Making use of unused time at the beginning of a worship service is important.  By using a projector and a slide show program, it is possible to not only welcome members, but

also to inform visitors of other service times, additional programs, and to give visitors a little information about the church.  Some worship centers also use this time as an open invitation to pray at the altar.  If there are new members being introduced, their names can be displayed while they are being introduced.  If there are special announcements such as baptisms or annointings, the prelude to the service is a nice time to recognize them.  The prelude to the service is also a great time to share how the deities have blessed the community, thus uplifting the congregation for worship. 

There are many ways that technology is reforming worship.  Technology is a tool to be used to help people better comprehend and remember the worship services they attend.  It is important to ensure that the technology is used to make learning scripture and key points easier.  This way people will walk away with a better understanding of how the worshiped deity wishes the followers to live their lives.  Technology in modern worship services is making this easier than ever.

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22 Jul 2015
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22 Jul 2015

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An Asteroid Shrink-Wrapped? NASA Has Plans to Capture One

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Next Title in Call of Duty Franchise Set to Be Next Gen Only

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YouTube Video of Jeff Gordon Joy Ride Takes Off Off" />

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The Last Of Us Rumored to Be a 12 to 16-Hour Single Player Story Rumored to Be a 12 to 16-Hour Single Player Story" />

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YouTube Video of L.I. Student Playing for Billy Joel Goes Viral Two Months Later

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Video: SXSW Attendees Line Up for Blocks to Meet Grumpy Cat

The chatter at the 2013 SXSW wasn't about new gadgets or celebrities. Folks lined up for blocks to meet the internet sensation "Grumpy Cat." The owners call the 11-month old feline Tarter Sauce, but after

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22 Jul 2015

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